Marcelo de Oliveira is a native Brazilian, whose love of food began at a young age. As he watched his mother cook everyday for their family of three boys, the importance of a home-cooked meal was deeply instilled in him. When Marcelo moved to the States in 1995, he decided to pursue his culinary career. He developed his culinary skills by working in restaurants, namely at Paparazzi in Wellesley for the Back Bay Restaurant Group. It wasn’t until he came to the Bistro however, that he was given the opportunity to use his creativity, as well as his mom’s homemade influence and leave the corporate restaurant world behind.

Over the past 12 years, Marcelo has given Birch Street Bistro its comforting, neighborhood feel. He is passionate about his food, but even more so, about how his food makes people feel. Where his mom always poured her love into her food, Marcelo follows suit in creating a genuine experience for the Bistro’s customers.